What do the experts say about home invasions?

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Mostly, people who know about home invasion come from law enforcement and security backgrounds. One such person is Chris McGoey, an internationally known private investigator and security consultant. Chris runs with the big dogs; he has conducted over 7,000 security surveys of commercialproperties. He also serves as an expert witness.

Here are some of the points Chris makes:

  • Home invasions tend to happen most often at night or on the weekends because residents are most often home at that time.
  • Home invasion thugs like to prey on the elderly, the wealthy, those who live alone, and those who are linked in some way to drug dealing.
  • Home invasions are escalating because formerly popular targets — convenience stores, fast food restaurants, etc. — have increased security.
  • Slowing down home invaders is important. McCoey recommends solid core door, strong locks with reinforced strike plates, and reinforced window devices to stop forced entries.

Jordan Frankel, vice president of security strategies for Global Security Experts Inc., is also a security expert and consultant. His company manufactures OnGard [door brace], ShatterGard [protection against glass breakage], and VehicleGard [protects glass against explosion and smashing].  Frankel has worked with home owners associations offering residents home security inspections, one-on-one training, and affordable “safe rooms.” He is the inventor of the defensive security system for glass windows, ShatterGard. In an interview with radio talk show host Cheryl Watterson in South Bend, IN,  Frankel made these points:

  • As the economy does poorly, crime increases.
  • Windows and doors are the weakest part of a security system. Application of ShatterGard to the interior of windows slows down intruders who try to break windows with a baseball bat, rock, etc.

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