Vacation Checklist

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Going on vacation? Daniel E. Merritt, owner of D.E. Merritt & Associates in Kentucky, shares important security tips with Home Invasion News readers.

With summer soon approaching, many families will be going on vacation. When we think of security for our homes, we usually think of an alarm system. Alarm Systems definitely are one part of your home defense system. Most people underestimate the criminal mind. Locks and Alarm Systems are easy to bypass.

Social Engineering: Facebook, Twitter, GPS Tagging, etc.
Your family needs to be aware that criminals use the Internet to gather information. Speak with your children and spouse about posting personal information about vacations, locations and times that someone is not home on these websites.

Vacation Checklist:

· Mail, Newspaper, stop delivery while your are on vacation.
· Yard, have a neighbor maintain the yard.
· Trash, have a neighbor bring out the cans on trash day.
· Emergency Contacts, let family and friends know your location.
· Timers Set, have a light plan for your home.
· Phone Ringer Off,
· Social Media, Voicemail
· Travel plans w/ strangers
· Luggage w/ Business Address, not home address on luggage
· Unplug electric garage
· Summer, Set AC on High
· Shades/Blinds normal position
· Secure Doors and Locks
· Safety check before departure
· House Sitter

Daniel E. Merritt served over 20 years with the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Military. During his long and varied career, he acquired a broad range of training and experience in Physical Security, Force Protection, Anti- Terrorism, Maritime Security, Emergency Management, Crisis Management, Operations, Finance, Logistics and Project Management. Mr. Merritt moved to Kentucky to be close to family and wanted to continue to serve the community. He decided to use his special set of skills to to protect the community and make a safe environment for families and children.


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