This “Home” Invasion Targeted A Puppy

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One noteworthy “home” invasion happened where animals live: at the Humane Society in Washington, DC.

It happened over a year ago, but this puppy theft is the second we’ve seen at Home Invasion News.

The question becomes: “Are ‘fighting’ breeds at risk of being stolen?” Perhaps, yes.

After the invasion, a Humane Society security guard worried about the future of four-month old Ivan. “Is he going to be used in dog fighting activities, is he going to be used to train other dogs, is he going to be used for breeding, is he going to be used as a guard dog?”

Happily, none of the above. Ivan made it back to the shelter just 24 hours after his theft, with only minor cuts and scrapes. Meanwhile, the three inhumane shelter invaders got their chance with the Metropolitan Police Department.

The happy resolution was linked to the Human Society’s offer of a $1,000 no-questions-asked reward. Also significant in the reunion may have been the video surveillance system installed by Miles Technologies, which got the whole incident on tape.


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