These Home Invaders Thought They Were “All That,” But Weren’t

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This story from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has two of the scary earmarks of a modern-day home invasion: multiple perpetrators (five, in this case); forced entry (kicking in the garage door); and stolen property. Thankfully missing were the weapons and the aggravated assault common to serious home invasions.

Actually, these guys were a cut-under – under age, that is. None had yet reached sweet 16.

What were they after? Well, they took some of Margie Dunlap’s prescription medications, some cash, a bottle of Dr. Pepper sitting on the kitchen counter, and Margie’s car.

Neighbors saw the little thieves crawling under the garage door of the one-story bungalow and called police. The 87-year old grandmother also did her part, hiding in her bedroom and calling the police while the five kids rummaged through her home.

Margie says was “dadgum scared,” but maintained the cool she needed to call for help. “I was fighting with all my might,” as she juggled the phone and the lock on her bedroom door.

As the kids tried to escape in the stolen car, police already were swarming the area. When the vehicle rolled off the road in neutral, the frightened crew jumped out of the car and headed for their ditched bicycles. Four of the five were arrested and are in the Tulsa County Juvenile Detention Center. One escaped alone through a back window of the house.

Is Margie bothered that only four of the five were arrested? “I don’t want to live in fear. That would be hell,” she told the KOTV reporter.

Read the full story here and watch the video below.

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