Rear-Ended Late At Night? Stay In Your Car.

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Police in Potomac, Maryland, are telling drivers who are on the road late at night and get rear-ended to to stay in their car and immediately call police.

On April 14, a man who was rear-ended got out of his car to talk and found himself thrown into the trunk while the armed perpetrators drive to various ATM machines using his PIN number to withdraw money. He was dropped off unhurt.

The police released surveillance image of a man they believe was involved with the apparent fender bender robbery scheme.

On April 3, police say a similar incident, also in Potomac, Maryland, happened to a woman driving a Land Rover. She called police immediately and the truck that hit her fled.

A rash of so-called “bump and run” incidents have been reported in Florida. In mid-May, the incidents got more violent when a victim was shot. Police say the perpetrators are typically driving a stolen vehicle, which is used to rear-end a driver late at night in hopes of stealing the ATM card.

On February 17, St. Petersburg, FL, police arrested Kevin Scott Wolfe for a series of rear-end armed robberies committed on Valentine’s Day. He told police he needed the money to support a cocaine habit.

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