More Tricks To Make You Open the Door

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Not everyone who knocks on your door has good intentions. Consider these “let me in” tricks:

In Wayne County, Alabama, three home invaders gained access to a residence when they approached saying they were conducting a survey. One of the three males brandished a firearm and demanded money, while the third went inside. Jewelry and some other items were stolen.

In Jersey City, New Jersey, it was four UPS guys.. except it wasn’t. This home invasion featured a group of armed thugs pretending to have a UPS delivery for the victim. None of the home invaders was uniformed, though one did have on a brown shirt. Fortunately for the homeowner, he got the message as soon as one of the intruders pulled out a gun. Acting quickly, he pushed the armed person out the door, at which point the other three thugs left, too.

Finally, beware of these additional tricky situations that appeared an earlier Home Invasion News report.

• You open the door to let out your dog. Okay, you have to — but turn on the exterior light and look through the peep hole before you exit.

• Somebody dressed like a municipal worker asks for entry. Ask for identification.

• Men in uniform knock and demand you open. Don’t panic and do ask for ID.

• Knock-Knock. Your pizza’s here (except you didn’t order pizza). Do panic and don’t open the door.

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