Maryland Legislature Advances Home Invasion Law

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House Bill 1143 had its first reading in the Maryland State Legislature on February 10, 2012.

The bill, which deals with “AN ACT concerning Criminal Law – Home Invasion Violent Crime and Armed Home Invasion 2 Violent Crime,” was introduced by Delegates Lee, Arora, Barve, Cane, Carr, Cullison, DeBoy, Frick, Glenn, Healey, Ivey, Jameson, A. Kelly, McDonough, A. Miller, B. Robinson, S. Robinson, Stocksdale, and Valderrama and seeks to add a new Home Invasion Violent Crime subtitle under the Criminal Law code.

Prohibiting a person from breaking and entering the dwelling of another and committing a violent crime against a victim who is a lawful occupant of the dwelling; prohibiting a person from employing or displaying a dangerous weapon during the commission of a home invasion violent crime; establishing a criminal penalty for a violation of the Act; etc.

See a pdf of the House Bill 1143 here.
Maryland House Bill 1143

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