In Chicago, Home Invasion Is Against the Law

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Two thugs forced their way into a first-floor apartment in Lincoln Park, a suburb of Chicago, armed with guns. Thirteen people, all in their twenties, were forced to the floor, while Avery Cooper, 20, and David Vines, 18, demanded cell phones and cash. Cooper and Vines were caught in Detroit by Belmont, MI-area detectives and U.S. Marshalls. Each was charged with 13 counts of home invasion.

So what’s unusual about this case?

Illinois is one of only five states that have home invasion statutes. The Statute 720 ILCS5 Criminal Code was last updated in March 2010.

In 2011, existing home invasion and burglary offenses in Illinois were expanded to those who attempt to gain entrance into a home by misrepresenting themselves as a representative of government, a construction company, a telecommunication company or a utility company.

Check here for more about current home invasion laws in various states.

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