Home Invasion Victims Shoot Perpetrators And Live To Tell About It

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A U.S. Marine just back from Afghanistan and staying at his sister’s large home outside Memphis, fired upon a home invasion suspect July 11. “He tells me to put my hands up. So I say ‘okay’ and luckily I had my Glock right beside me. So I get my Glock, shoot off about six rounds and he takes off running,” said David Lancaster, the 23-year-old Marine. Police have yet to catch up with the suspect, who wasn’t hit by the shots. Lancaster and neighbors in the area say they’ve had a habit of leaving doors unlocked in the quiet community, but that is going to change. Steve Barthold, a resident living nearby said he’s prepared. “I hope he doesn’t come to my house, ’cause then I”ll fire at him, or my wife will. Cause that’s where it’s headed. We’re both armed.”

Lancaster isn’t the only home invasion victim to fight back. In an earlier Home Invasion News story titled “Do Americans Know How to Handle Home Invasion?” we reported on statutes in Texas and Oklahoma that address victims shooting perpetrators. In our Review of State Home Invasion Laws, we reported on South Carolina’s S. 148. The legislation amended the Code of Laws of South Carolina so as to enact the “Home Invasion Protection Act” to establish the offense of home invasion and provide a penalty. A report in the New York Times notes that Attorney General Charlie Condon had declared “open season” on home invaders.

David Lancaster, U.S. Marine, describes how he responded when he found someone rummaging through his sister’s home, carrying a pillow case full of items.


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