Home Invasion Tricks Criminals Use to Gain Entry

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A favorite tactic of home invasion criminals involves getting the home occupant to open the door. Think you would never do that? Think again:

You open the door to let the dog out.
Juan Lopez, 25, told deputies his girlfriend was letting their dog out of a sliding glass door when a masked man entered their home. Lopez was able to get into the bedroom with his girlfriend and a third person in the house. Deputies say Lopez then got a gun and fired a shot through the closed door at the suspect.

Somebody from “the city” is here “to help you.”
It happened in Sacramento, California, too. In this case, police are fairly certain that the most recent incident involving a 91-year old man is related to six previous home invasions of the elderly, all occuring within a single month. Someone approaches a resident to discuss a municipal problem (sewer issues, gas lines, etc.), while a second perpetrator breaks into the home.

“Men in uniform” knock and demand you open the door.
On July 5, for the third time in a week, men identifying themselves as police rushed into a Baltimore home, then bound and robbed the occupants.

Knock-Knock. Your pizza’s here.
A woman in a New Jersey suburb sensed that something was wrong with the guy who knocked on her door asking if she’d ordered a pizza. At the same time the knock came she noticed a second man with a pizza box outside in the bushes. Ashley Lacerda, the mother of a 10-year old, opened the door only 12 inches, but both men suddenly appeared and began to push against the door to force it open. Ashley remembers thinking, “My child is in here. You’re NOT getting in this house …My child is in this house.” Her strength was enough to bar easy entry and the men fled.

View more videos at: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com.

We’re interested in buying your house.
These thieves from Arizona posed as homebuyers. Police said the thieves targeted homeowners in their 70s or 80s, who were selling their mobile homes. Once inside, they stole cash and jewelry.

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