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HomeInvasionNews.com offers tips, tactics and strategies for home security and enjoyment.

This comprehensive website explores the facts and factors surrounding criminal activity, and common nuisances, invading homes across the U.S. — without exaggerating or sensationalizing the numbers.

What is a “home invasion” robbery and how is it different from other crimes? How often do they occur and, most importantly, what can be done to prevent them?

HomeInvasionNews.com seeks answers to these and other questions about what law-enforcement officials and the media across the country call “home invasions” –generally defined as the entry by one or more armed intruders of an occupied house, apartment or condo (usually by force) for the purpose of robbing those inside.

HomeInvasionNews.com also explores the common nuisances often to blame for disturbing the peace: barking dogs, loud or messy neighbors, hoarding, and other illicit activity occurring around the corner or down the street.

HomeInvasionNews.com offers an online forum that:
• Tracks incidents. HomeInvasionNews.com offers home invasion incidents with commentary designed to help separate fact from fiction and hysteria from reality.

• Dispels myths. The Internet is brimming with reports that distort the truth about home invasion incidents – usually for the purpose of selling home-security products. HomeInvasionNews.com strives to educate and inform – without inciting fear.

• Follows trends. Our research has revealed interesting trends about common targets, commonly stolen items (prescription drugs and valuables), common motives, and even tactics thugs use to force their way inside.

• Shares expert advice about which habits and strategies can help residents secure their homes, as well as tips for dealing with difficult neighbors.

HomeInvasionNews.com presents content based on research, curation, and commentary by Nancy Rathbun Scott. Nancy is a longtime journalist, writer, researcher and blogger who became interested in home-related crimes when a family member’s home was twice broken into by burglars. Unsettled by these incidents, Nancy sought to learn more about the nature and prevalence of home invasion crimes.HomeInvasionNews.com is Nancy’s effort to explore — and bring impartial analysis to — a topic of concern to both the public and media, alike.

Contact Nancy at [email protected]

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