Home Invasion Hits Twitter, Too!

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when u Frm where I Frm a open window is a #invitation to #homeInvasion/ damn straight dats a no no/RITE

In case you’re not sure, this guy is saying that, in his neighborhood, people who leave their windows open can’t complain if somebody comes in uninvited because they should know better.

This tweet wasn’t posted by a criminal. Far from it.  This came via an Arena League football player from Jacksonville, FL, who’s now playing on a team in the Mid-West. Maybe he was back in his hometown and didn’t have much to do when he shared this wisdom with his 111 followers.

I was struck by two things in this message:

  • First, this player used the hashtag for #homeinvasion. That indicates that “home invasion” is something he wanted to draw attention to.
  • Second, he places the blame for this thug practice directly on the shoulders of the home owner. This perpetuates the “victim as perpetrator” school of thought, also common in other brutal crimes like rape.

I’m just sayin’ …

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