Home Invasion Security Round-up

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We’ve been taking a look around the Web, sniffing out home invasion products and services geared to safeguarding you and your family. We can’t endorse or recommend any of the services listed here. For one thing, we don’t always agree with the way various websites characterize the home invasion threat. We certainly can’t verify the statistics many websites post.

On the other hand, we hope this descriptive write-up – which we are adding to regularly — can shape and assist how you think and plan for home security.

Crime Doctor, a website built by security expert Chris E. McGoey, offers a page of Home Invasion Robbery Family Survival Tips. We agree with Mr. McGoey’s characterization of home invasion (similar to our own “classic home invasion” understanding) and appreciate his no-nonsense approach to safeguarding and prevention.

Global Security Experts, headed by security guru Jordan Frankel, manufactures various devices to foil invasion, including OnGARD (door brace); BurglarGARD window protection film, BlastGARD, fragment retention and explosion protection; StormGARD, glass protection film; and VehicleGARD, glass protection to defend against thieves, assailants and terrorists. These folks are the real deal in home security (and no, Home Invasion News has no stock in the company, though we wish we did.)

The Real Home Safety website says “Exact statistics about the number of home invasions that take place every year are not available; however, it is estimated that every year that this variant of robbery accounts for 11% of incidents of theft that take place in the United States.” We haven’t been able to verify that statistic, but we do think “Real Home Safety” has some good advice.

Live Safely appears to lack McGoey’s personal expertise and our research does not (yet) bear out their claim that “For about the last decade or so now in North America, home invasion burglaries have been increasing at alarming rates.” The cite nevertheless meshes with our definition of “classic home invasion,” and proffers some interesting views on “typical home invaders” that mesh with those at Home Invasion News. The tips to “Combat Home Invasion” also are useful. We are curious about one point, however. The site says, “Do not ever agree to be taken to an ATM machine or anywhere else by an attacker – your life hangs in the balance. Same goes for getting into a vehicle.” We plan to do some more research on that and get back to you.

Jack Krohn and his hidden security systems are featured at Secure-at.com. Jack is a very smart guy who has written his way to success in the security equipment business. As writers ourselves, we can’t help but admire his work, including this article on Tips to Prevent Home Invasion, which at, the close, advertises a host of home security products, including his own (very sneaky) Security Solutions.

This press release from The National Terror Alert Response Center (a private homeland security blog and not affiliated with any government agency) focuses on How to Survive a Home Invasion. The site refers the visitor to a video featured on Spike TV that deals with the topic.

Jeff Anderson, combat veteran and master of “close quarters combat,” offer a DVD and CQC training. If someone busts into your house, which weapon do you reach for? “Your BRAIN!” says Anderson. “A home invasion requires tactical thinking BEYOND just the point-and-shoot reaction many gun owners have instilled in themselves from typical range training.” Anderson recommends families employ a “code word,” have a “safe room and create a “fatal funnel.” More at Anderson’s website.

That’s all for now, folks… but not all there is. See you later!

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