For Greater Home Security, Begin at the Perimeter

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D. E. Merritt & Associates offers the follow tips for strengthening the security of your home.

Layered security is the most effective strategy for detecting and preventing crime. Using a layered approach from the outer boundaries to the inner boundaries will allow you to deter, detect, and delay an intruder.

Two types of barriers can be used for perimeter security: natural barriers and structural barriers.

Natural barriers include rivers, lakes, cliffs and other types of terrain that are difficult to traverse. Certain types of plant life such as Barberry, Hawthorn or Rose Shrubs also work well as natural barriers. Using landscaping for perimeter security allows the home owner an aesthetic appearance.

Structural barriers delay intruders and leave them vulnerable to being spotted if they decide to scale a fence or wall. A fence or wall should be a part of your perimeter security if at all possible.

Tips to make your home a harder target:

• Make sure your Front Door is visible from street view. Trim shrubs or tree limbs, allowing your neighbors to see if someone is breaking into your home.

• Clearly mark your house number on your mailbox or the curb. This will allow emergency services to easily locate your home.

• Remove your last name from the mailbox. An intruder can use the internet to look up your address and phone number. They will call your home to find out if it is an easy target or not.

• Secure gardening tools. An intruder will use anything they can find to break into your home.

• Get to know your neighbors. Have an escape location if you are the victim of a home invasion.

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