Do Americans Know How to Handle Home Invasion? John from Canada Thinks So..

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The Guardian in Prince Edward Island, Canada, reports that “brazen daylight robberies and home invasions are becoming more commonplace.”

Home Invasion News doesn’t know whether or not the crime statistics bear out that impression. In the comment section of the Guardian, one of the readers said, “[It] doesn’t seem to be crystal clear what will happen in a Canadian court if a person injures or kills somebody who invades their space. I do know that if I’m living in a place like Oklahoma or Texas, and somebody breaks into my dwelling, then they’re going to be doing what Ronnie Van Zant was singing about in the great Skynyrd song called “Gimme Three Steps” – staring straight down a .44.”

With all due respect to our Canadaian neighbors and the film industry that advertises American life to the world, Home Invasion News can’t confirm that folks from Oklahoma and Texas are shooting home invaders with Clint Eastwood’s favorite gun. [“Dirty Harry” movie clip below.]

We decided to check out the notion that Texas and Oklahoma are big-shootin’ states

According to, Texas gun laws do appear to be loose. For example, the only arms made illegal by statue are machine guns; short-barreled firearms; silencers; armor-piercing ammunition; and zip guns and weapons. Waiting period? None. Who may not own a gun? Convicted felons, minors (unless by parental consent); and those confined in a penal institution. So… let’s see… I can give my three-year old a gun, but feel much safer knowing that prisoners can’t have them while incarcerated. Hmmm.

Oklahoma has a similarly relaxed code that makes a sawed-off shotgun or rifle and a slung shot illegal. Waiting period. None. Who can’t own a weapon in Oklahoma? Minors; convicted felons; the mentally incompetent or insane (and we’re thankful for that!).

But do state gun laws that make it easy to own hand-guns prevent violent crime? Hey, that’s a big question and one we aren’t prepared to tackle. We do, however, offer readers a smattering of empirical evidence that leaves the jury still out on this question.

Home Invasion News can offer a report that, in July 2010, a 75-year old man from Central Texas reportedly stabbed a person who attempted home invasion and lived to tell the tale.

In 2009, a woman in the Houston area shot, but did not kill, two teenagers who came into her house and attempted to force their way into her bedroom. No charges were filed against her.

Under “home Invasion Texas Style,” the message board,, enthusiastically endorses an article in The Monitor that reports on two gang members shot during a home invasion.

But most homeowners here in the U.S. — even in the “wild west” — don’t seem to feel that lucky. Do they, punk?

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