College Students Make Tempting Targets for Home Invasion

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When we think home invasion, we imagine an incident like the one that happened in the Burleith neighborhood adjacent to the Georgetown University campus on May 7.

What makes this story stand out? It’s classic home invasion.

Multiple perpetrators, three in this case.
Forced entry into the home. In this case, victims heard a knock and opened the door, at which point the perpetrators forced entry.
Occupants at home at the time of the invasion, a situation possibly intended by the perpetrators to facilitate finding hidden cash, credit card numbers, drugs, etc. The three suspects told the victims that they were looking for a non-student who was not home. One victim was forced at gunpoint to search the premises with the suspects.
Use of weapons and physical intimidation. Two victims were beaten and tied up by the suspects.
Property theft. All three suspects fled the scene after stealing laptop computers and other items.
Victims, primarily unknown to the perpetrators, who have been “scoped out” and selected for a particular reason (vulnerability, wealth, prescription drug possession). The victims lived in a group home comprised of three students and one non-students. At Georgetown, the total cost of undergraduate tuition, fees, and average room and board for 2010-11 will be $52,443, so Georgetown University students are generally thought to be from wealthy families.

This May 7 burglary was the fourth robbery or burglary to occur in the area within a three-week period.

Another student home invasion occurred on February 13 when three men entered the house of several students of Catholic University, also located in the District of Columbia. The perpetrators were armed with weapons and wearing masks. They ordered the students to the floor and demanded money and property at gunpoint, threatening to kill the students if they didn’t do what they were told. Police arrived on the scene during the home invasion. They shot and killed two of the suspects and arrested a third.

The Georgetown invaders have not yet been located as of this writing.

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