A Key Turns the Case In This Well-Publicized Home Invasion

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Former New England Patriots linebacker Eric Naposki is currently on trial for shooting and killing a wealthy businessman from Orange County, CA. Naposki was arrested in Newport Beach on May 21, 2009.

The trial began on June 20. Three days in, on June 22, the former owner of a nearby Ace Hardware store testified that Naposki had two keys made in his store. According to a report in the OCRegister, the owner said the key he was shown in court – which was recovered from the crime scene — was probably cut in his store because it had precise edges and the Ace hardware logo. Apparently, in trying to enter the home, the perpetrator used a freshly made key, which then got stuck in the door and was left behind after the victim was shot six times. Naposki has pled not guilty.

The video below, shot in 2008, is an early, rough-cut of a trailer featuring Eric Naposki. At the time, the trailer was being filmed to promote E3 food supplements. The final ad probably never saw the light of day, but — as we’ve learned from the Housewives of Orange County — the OC is no place to keep a secret.

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