Monday Mugshot

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Jeffrey Michael Smith, Jr., 28
Arrested, Sept 14
Port Charlotte, GA
Quick Facts

Jeffrey Michael Smith was wearing military style pants, a bulletproof vest, a bandana across his face, and a hat when he forced his way into a home on August 10. Smith was shouting, “Charlotte County Sherriff’s Office” while he ordered the pregnant resident and her finance to the floor. He tied the couple up with plastic zip ties.

When the woman recognized Smith as an employee from a local restaurant, she screamed “You’re Jeff.” Smith then kicked the woman in the knee, pushed her down, and kicked in the stomach. He left the house on a bicycle with prescription medications.

The same afternoon, Smith attempted a second burglary. He has been charged with Burglary with Battery, Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Victim, False Imprisonment, and Falsely Impersonating an Officer.

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