5 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure While You’re Away

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What’s better than a vacation? The answer is, quite simply, nothing. Whether you are catching up with family or soaking up some sun on the beach, taking a vacation is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, if you aren’t careful, you may come home to a real headache.

As Lifehacker explains, “chances are things will be fine” when you leave your home for an extended time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some extra measures to heighten your home security. With a few careful steps, you can be sure that your home and your things are safe – and you can take some time off with a carefree mind.

Keep Your Travel Plans Quiet
These days, nearly everyone is sharing their daily activities online. As Independent Traveler points out, “[T]here may be hundreds of complete strangers receiving our daily musings” with every post, including would-be criminals. What do you think they’ll do when they find out you’ll be away from home for the next week? You can (and should) let your close friends and family know your travel plans, but try not to let the information hit the world wide web.

Install a Few Spy Cameras
If you don’t have neighbors who can be your eyes and ears while you’re gone, or even if you simply want an extra security measure, a few cameras outside the home can do the trick. Spy camera equipment is a great way to keep tabs on your home and catch anyone who may be looking to break in. Also, should the unthinkable happen and someone breaks into your home, spy cameras can be instrumental in bringing the culprit to justice!

Beef Up Your Home Security Systems
Home security systems equipment has come a long way over the years. There are a variety of systems you can use to protect your home; some alarms sound at the sign or broken glass, others go off when a potential robber opens a door, and others bark like an angry dog when they detect motion outside. Installing home security measures like these are a great addition to your usual security system when traveling, as you can be sure the alarm will scare off anyone trying to come in.

Make it Seem Like You’re Home
Here’s an important tip that many people forget when it comes to home security: If your house still seems occupied, burglars are less likely to break in. If you can, set a timer on the lights inside so that people appear to be home during the evening. Install a few motion sensor alarms outdoors that either turn on a light or make noise should someone come too close. You can even install infrared sensors in the rooms that hold your most valuable possessions (like the garage, for example). With these sensors in place, your home will be even safer.

Don’t Forget the Door and Window Alarms
It may seem obvious that doors and windows are key entry points for folks breaking into a home. This is why door and window alarms are one of the first lines of defense in a family’s home security. Make sure your alarms are working – or install a few more if you want a little more assurance. Shock sensors and vibration sensor alarms are very effective (and often low-cost) ways to make your home even safer while you aren’t there to protect it.

Author Bio: Andrew Hoffman is a freelance writer and journalist from Los Angeles, CA, who has written on behalf of a range of clients including the Livestrong Network and Demand Media. In addition to writing about a range of topics, he enjoys playing basketball and cooking in his spare time.


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