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Home Invasion Safety: What To Do If Someone Puts A Gun To Your Head.

by Justin Freeman, Former Patrol Officer The flippant (but obligatory) short answer is, “Whatever they tell you to.” Of course, within this there is nuance and some other considerations to be made. Most important:Stay. Calm. There is no way you’re going to remember all of the stuff I’m about to say, but if you remember […]

Just how important is a home alarm system? Well, not as important as you may think. Here’s why. Imagine for just a moment this frightening scenario. Your husband is away traveling on business and you and your children are getting ready to turn in for the night. You casually go about your nightly routine and […]

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I’ve noticed that the phrase “home invasion” seems to turn up more and more in news reports. I did a search of some Missouri newspapers looking for the term “home invasion,” and–sure enough–”home invasion” seems to have arrived in Missouri. Before the year 2000, it was seldom used in Missouri news reports, referring mostly to […]

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