Classic home invasion as we have come to define it at Home Invasion News is a “different” sort of crime, a harsher sort of attack.

Is the number of home invasions is growing? We’re not sure. Our early research suggests the number of reported home invasions may be exaggerated.

Statistics on the number of “classic home invasions” are difficult to come by. Many places on the Internet are citing FBI statistics from a decade ago. Other data is presented but can’t be verified because the numbers cite no source or have no link to show where the data originated.

To hear the media tell it, home invasions are exploding. The term most definitely is popping up everywhere in newspaper reports and TV broadcasts.

Whatever statistics may reveal, we built this website because we worry that home invasion incidents — or incidents that are called home invasions — reflect the chaos and confusion that’s being wrung out of American life in these harsh economic times.

We want to understand home invasion, but this is a complicated topic and we don’t want to build fear by sensationalizing. Nor do we want to minimize the tragedy in the stories we feature.

Somehow, we sense another side to it all … a larger side that speaks, perhaps, to the way society and communities are changing.

We can’t protect ourselves from every danger and we shouldn’t try. But sometimes the steps we take can help. What are the strategies that will improve our chances?

We hope Home Invasion News gets people thinking, creates a dialogue, and — most of all — encourages us all to reach out to our neighbors with consideration and compassion.

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